Azure & Polka Dots

This outfit feels incredibly 90s to me. I think it has something to do with the black tights and the shirt under the tank dress. Probably the largeness of my hair has something to do with it too (this was post-hair cut).  

I wore this to a perm consultation this morning.
  I like wearing my snood, from Arthelia's Attic, to hair appointments because it conceals whatever mess the stylists makes of my hair and prevents me from having to style my hair before heading to the salon (this was especially wonderful when I was setting my hair). I really should buy more snoods....maybe it could be my new thing. 

The perm consultation turned out to be a bust, the stylist flat out refused to touch my hair with any chemicals, gave me a trim and sent me home. 
She was probably right to refuse considering this is what happened last time I permed.... 
hey look, it's the same polka dot shirt!
But with a little work, this happened too.

Why can't I just be satisfied with my natural texture?!

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