Ganache & Jousting

Last Friday was my beau's birthday and to celebrate we indulged in the chocolatey goodness of a homemade ganache covered cake and enjoyed jousting and other knightly feats at Medieval Times.

This was my first experience with ganache, and let me tell you, I may never go back to frosting. 
All you need is 8 ounces of chopped chocolate, a cup of cream, and some heat!

Just after pouring the ganache over the cake
For an entire guide to ganache, and a more attractive cake, see Martha Stewart's ganache basics.

Being that my beau's birthday is so close to Christmas, his family really never made much of a fuss over it. Intending to make a fuss, I decided I wanted to take him somewhere he'd never been. 
Inspired by the television program Knights of Mayhem, which he's been watching on occasion, and a discussion in which I realized he'd never been to a renaissance fair or anything similar, I booked surprise tickets to Medieval Times
We were cheering for the red knight

Have you ever been to Medieval Times? It's basically dinner theatre where you eat various meats with your hands and watch actors "battle" and "joust"- all of which is choreographed and staged. 

Okay, so it's super cheesy and basically meant for children
but we were thoroughly impressed by the incredible horses!  

If you're a medieval enthusiast or particular about historical accuracy, this show would drive you nuts, but if you can appreciate dressage, beautiful horses, or just like eating with your hands, you might find Medieval Times a good time.

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