Rebel, Rebel

       Growing up, I never admired pretty women, in fact, I'm not even sure I was aware of them. Women that fascinated me were the women that broke the rules, did unconventional things and left their mark on the world. Any lady that did something "only men could do": shoot, fly, vote, wear slacks, rob or rule (see the photos above), earned my respect- especially if they did those things better than a man!

      I suppose history and the female sex is in great debt to this rebellious streak, without it life would be incredibly dull and history books quite thin (to say the least).

      If there is one thing I've learned from my childhood heroines, it's that it is good be different- sure you'll be talked about, but you'll be remembered too. That idea, combined with my fierce stubbornness (blame the red hair), is why I've never followed the crowd- if everyone else was doing it, I sure as heck was not. Sure I'm not going to change history with my slight superficial rebellions but the challenge of rowing up stream makes life much more interesting.

     This brings me to the point of this rambling post. After finishing the novel Little Women, in which I highly identified with the character Jo, I  realized that if I was alive when a lot of my vintage clothes were in style, I wouldn't be wearing them! While everyone else was wearing crinolines and girdles, I would have been that odd girl in slacks and a fedora or some old frock that could have belonged to my grandmother. While everyone else had their heads in pincurls, I would have been the one with the wild unkempt hair.

I guess this explains why I'm getting "itchy" now that vintage fashion has gone more mainstream.

Any thoughts? Do you go paddle against the current or go with the flow? Who are your heroines?

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