Specimen Collection

I suppose this is how a collection starts,
you love one thing so much....
scorpion earrings, worn here

that you want to find another. 
crab clip-ons: west coast prize from my beau 

And, when you do, you keep searching for more.... 
Etsy has lots to offer.

So, here begins my specimen collection.
Hard to believe mid-century ladies found creatures embedded in lucite charming, but I sure do!

            In other news, you may have noticed that I am now posting as Ginger (Randi). While the moniker/pseudonym "Ginger" has served me well over the years, lately, I've felt the urge to unite all my internet personas under one name and what better name to do so under than my own. In the near future, I plan to phase out Ginger entirely and just refer to myself as Randi. Hopefully referring to myself as both for sometime will get folks used to seeing my real name and it wont seem so odd when I post as Randi. 

And lastly, don't forget about the little give away I am holding, 
I've extended the deadline through the 22nd so there is still time enter!
Click on the HERE to enter!

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