Someone Take Away the Glue Gun

It's a gloomy, lazy Sunday here on the coast 
and I've had a bit too much fun with the glue gun, yet again. 

Yep, that's a shell encrusted switch plate. 

After painting the walls in the dining room, I decided my plain white switch plate was way too boring for this fantastic new wall color. 
Well, the plate certainly isn't boring anymore! 
It's also the only entirely shell covered thing in the room so I guess it isn't too over the top. 

This is the first room I've painted in the house and by far the most daring color I've ever painted a space (with the exception of my black and purple teenage bedroom). I was nervous to paint at first but I am absolutely smitten with this color! Not only does it remind me of the sea but it is a historic color from the Belle Grove Plantation in Virginia (historic + ocean = perfect). 

I am so darn anxious to get this room finished and show it off but I am still lacking a piece of furniture to complete the space. I've been desperately scouring craigslist, flea markets and resale shops for a cheap china hutch to refinish- so far everything is way out of my budget. Sigh. 
We could really use the storage and I would love some display space for something like this:

So, the search continues. Fingers crossed the frugal furniture gods send me something suitable soon. 

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