Be Like the Squirrel, Girl

      I want to sincerely thank everyone who read and commented on my last post- it feels so good to be heard and understood. I also feel so lucky to have so many wise people looking in on my blog, you all had such insightful advice that I am taking to heart. 
     Until recently I've been the kind of person that stand by the idea that "if you don't like your situation, do something to change it" but now I see that change is more difficult than it seems. The fact is that I do have a lot positive going on in my life so to start with I need to change my perspective (accentuate the positive, if you will) and then work to do things that make me happy; one nice thing, everyday. 

In other words, I need to be like the squirrel. 

"Mr. Squirrels Lesson" (1950) set to The White Stripes, "Little Acorns".

Thanks again to everyone, I just can't get over how swell you all are!
 Here's the nice thing I did for myself yesterday- a manicure!

I haven't felt much like painting my nails but I was inspired by this photo on Pinterest, 

                                                                    Source: via Randi on Pinterest

which lead me to this lovely blog that had details on how to achieve this look.

I've tried my hand at painting half moons on my nails before but this was by far the most successful I've been. Next time I'll try and keep the stickers lower on my nail for a true half moon shape. 

I've already gotten a couple compliments on my nails- the process was so simple and yielded such striking results, I may never go back to moonless nails!

I used to be a strictly red/pink nail polish gal, but recently I've been buying fun shades like crazy! 
I can't justify spending more than 5 bucks on nail polish, so I buy the cheap stuff- it gets the job done.
Next I'd like to pick up a silver polish and try something similar with that!

Today, I think I might go to a second hand store that claims to have a good selection of vintage clothing!
I'm also contemplating dying my hair...... 

Once nice thing, for me, every day! :)

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