Sunshine and Pearls

Yesterday was another gorgeous day here in Coastal Carolina, capped off by a very starry night and sushi and a movie for my beau and I. 

I threw together this outfit for our casual evening out.

I, not so secretly, hate my legs, so this dress is much shorter than I normally wear. I'm not sure how people wear anything shorter- what a pain it is to do anything and remain lady-like with such a short skirt on; even sitting poses a problem!

Dress- thrift shop, brand new with tags
White sheer/striped top- vintage, antique mall (ages ago)
Belt- borrowed from this dress
Sweater- Forever21

"Pearl" bracelet- gift
Ring- beach find! keep reading!

The pearl embellishments and the color of this dress convinced me to buy it

In my Day Off post I wore a cut glass ring my beau had found on the beach with his metal detector. Yesterday I wore, and am still wearing, a lovely sterling and garnet ring he found at the beach last weekend.

I left the grains of sand in the ring (look closely) as a reminder of where it came from.

So far he hasn't found much of real value, but he keeps trying- in fact he's out treasure hunting right now. He'd love to pull up a diamond engagement ring or a nice, chunky gold wedding band, but all he seems to find is plated, sterling or faux diamonds. He's always disappointed when a ring turns out to be fake (especially the cut glass one), but I'm loving having all this neat jewelry! 

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