Don't Forget Dad

Father's Day is Sunday, June 17th. 
How are you honoring your dad?




I love this photo!
Humphrey Bogart and son, Stephen.

My favorite of us!
 Dad and I,  college graduation, May, 2009.

                Growing up, Dad was always busy doing his own thing- he was triathlete, a world class cross country skiier, and the foreman at the family feed mill. If he wasn't working, he was training, and training was serious business. Our little family spent a lot of time on the road traveling between races and outside that time spent in the car, Mom and I were on our own a lot. 
                Dad's still pretty serious about his "training," though now it's just exercise (he calls himself an "endorphin addict") and he still works at the feed mill, though now he owns it. As we've grown older, Dad and I have been able to spend more time together and now that I'm living so far from home, visits are chock full of parental quality time. 

My dad and I at the beach,  June 1,  2012.

                     Mom and Dad visited in the beginning of this month and brought their dog, "my brother," Odin, who had just been diagnosed with cancer (going to the beach was on Odin's bucket list). Despite the sad news, we had a lovely weekend filled with antiques (to appease my mom and I), the beach (for everyone) and home improvement projects (because my dad can't be idle). 

                 In one weekend, Dad fixed so many things and did so many projects I never thought would get done. Among other things, we now have a screen door that latches, lattice under the porch, a floor in the attic, and a metal sailfish mounted over the garage door. While he was here, I was so pleased to have all these projects completed, but after he left, I realized how lucky I am to have a dad that takes the time to come see me- no matter what he does while he's here.

Just like when I was five, I still subscribe to the idea that "homemade gifts mean more," so this year, for Father's Day, I made my dad "Nuts & Bolts"- a spicy Chex mix-like snack (recipe here). 
I had no idea making Chex mix was so involved, but I think it turned out nicely (I didn't burn it).
It was a bit too spicy for me to determine whether or not it was actually tasty, which means Dad will love it- here's hoping it gets to him in one piece (glass was a poor container choice!).

So here's to Dad- yours, mine and everyone elses!
Have a great weekend!

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