Clutter and Casual Cream

Through the miracles of modern aviation, I am typing to you from my apartment in Western New York. I flew in last night for a leisurely summer visit with family and friends and a goal to manage all my clutter that still lingers here. 
I spent the morning sorting through closets, plowing through piles of black fishnet and lace from my high school years. I'm not exactly sure why I've held on to all these clothes, but I think it's finally time to part with them- anyone need a Bauhaus t-shirt? How about some pleather pants? Spiked choker?     Seriously, when was I going to wear this stuff again? 

One perk of all that closet cleaning was discovering an assortment of lovely vintage frocks that had been left behind and forgotten. Now that I've rediscovered them, it's like having an entirely new wardrobe! 

          Some, like the black wool dress on top, are too big for me and will need to be re-homed. 
Look for new items in my etsy shop  as soon as I return to North Carolina.

Having finished cleaning out the closet in the spare room, I decided it was time to start making my obligatory family visits. 

Here's what I'm wearing: 

Shorts- early 90s "mom" shorts, picked up here /// Belt- thrifted /// Top- Delia*s (nearly ten years ago)

I haven't de-cluttered the hall yet, but I had to show you the wall paper.

It's quite warm today, especially for New York, so I thought I'd keep it simple and casual.
 I honestly cannot remember the last time I wore shorts in New York- summers are generally pretty mild and short-lived so I never really put much effort into my summer wardrobe until I moved to NC.

This has become one of my go-to outfits this summer. It's not uncomfortable or over the top, just plain and simple. It's also a nice reminder to buy a new iron for the apartment :)

 This big old fan has been in the apartment for as long as I can remember- I've always loved how it looks and now I appreciate that it still works! Oh how central air has spoiled me!

Stay cool!

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