While trying to photograph men's ties and glasses for FairSails, my Etsy shop, I got the urge to play dress up. 

I'm quite certain that this I Love Lucy episode, and all those where Lucy is dressed as a man, is to blame for this bout of dress up. I swear I have episodes of I Love Lucy running on a loop in my head (it would explain a lot). 

(1951) S01E06 I Love Lucy - The Audition (11.19.51).avi from MPGLabs on Veehd.

The tie and glasses in my photographs are currently for sale in my shop, as are a number of other ties that were rescued from Mrs. Bolton's estate. So, if you know a fella, or are interested in playing dress up yourself, pop over to the shop! Don't forget to enter the code READTHESEA at check out for 10% off!

This concludes this edition of shameless self promotion ;)

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