I once read that natural redheads have significantly fewer strands (90,000) of hair than blondes (140,000) and brunettes (110,000), and, knowing this, I'm glad I'm a redhead because I don't think I could bear to have more hair. In fact, I often wish I had less- especially when pin curling.

After clipping fifty curls, I stopped counting- but, as you can see, there were a lot of curls involved in this set. I generally can't be bothered with setting patterns, or tidy pin curls, so most of my pin curl sets look about like this one.  

This particular set was done on nearly dry hair and then slept on. Sleeping on pin curls, especially the kind done with metal clips, takes a certain kind of talent. I find that tying my head up in a scarf (à la Rosie the Riveter) keeps things under control while I toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position for my pinned up head.

Perhaps my favorite part of setting is the brush out, it's amazing that hair can go from a wild mass of curls (above) to something a bit more respectable (below).

No setting pattern yields no defined waves, though sometimes I get lucky. 
For this set I used minimal setting lotion so when I brushed out, things got rather puffy. Setting lotion is absolutely key in keeping all of my 90,000 strands of hair under control and in creating lasting sets. 
This set was no match for the humidity today; more setting lotion would have at least given it a chance.

I suspect pin curling will always be something that I'm just not good at. 
I don't have nimble fingers nor enough patience to do a proper set, but I'll continue trying just the same.

Hard to believe something like this is possible when you know what you are doing!
  So lovely!
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