Pumpkin and Paisley

Obtaining a pumpkin was a difficult task last year, and when we finally did find one, and paid the fortune that was being asked, we had to use power tools to carve it! So, after the pumpkin fiasco of 2011, my beau and I agreed we would not be getting a pumpkin this year. 

That said.....here I am holding one.

 No I did not go back our pumpkin-pact, this orange beauty was actually born and raised in my grandparent's vegetable garden in Western New York, where it then hopped in the back seat of my grandparent's car, took a leisurely drive through the mountains of North Carolina, and then made its way to the coast and on to my front porch. 
Yes, my grandparents, the wonderful people they are, drove a pumpkin all the way from New York just for me- gotta love 'em! Of course they didn't just transport a pumpkin, they also spent the last weekend in September with my beau and I, it was lovely!

 Pumpkins aside, we've been having some splendid fall weather lately, in fact it has been cool enough, in the mornings anyway, to pull out my knits! Ah how I'd love to live somewhere with four distinct seasons, but for now I'll just dress like I do!

 Looking back through the blog archive, it seems I posted this skirt almost exactly a year ago! And, as I mentioned then, this has to be my favorite non-vintage skirt for Fall.

Last year I wore this skirt to work, as I'm sure I will this year, too, but this time it was thrown on to take my beau to the airport; he's off to Colorado to hunt elk!

This outfit started with the tights and the sweater and grew from there. Once I grabbed the belt, I just started piling on the accessories....sometimes it is so much fun getting dressed. 
Earrings- "borrowed" from my mom's collection
Pin- antique shop, Angelica, NY (story here)
Sweater- thrifted
Skirt- JJill
Tights- gift
Paisley scarf- flea market (last weekend!)
and of course, my trusty brown flats by MichelM....

       Also, I thought I'd share my nails, since I am absolutely loving the color combination I've got going on right now. It's nearly time to repaint, and generally I change up the colors, but I like this so much I might just stick with it! The grey is a new acquisition for me, it's called "wet cement" and it's by the always affordable Wet n' Wild (just 99¢!).
     One of the best things about the half moon manicures is the getting to choose two different colors to put on your nails- perfect for an indecisive person like me!

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