A Roaring All Hallows' Eve

I've made it pretty clear in the past that I'm somewhat of a vintage snob when it comes to period Halloween costumes. I'm often quite disappointed at what is being marketed as "pin up" and "flapper" costumes and even more disappointed at the number of people that actually buy these costumes and consider them to look authentic. 

Usually my Halloween costumes involve a lot of gore (I enjoy playing with fake blood, spirit gum, and liquid latex) but my beau and I were planning on seeing a concert in Wilmington and I was a bit nervous that I would be the only one dressed up. So, in search of something that looked less costume-y, I grabbed a few pieces from my closet and ended up with something inspired by an era I love but don't normally draw inspiration from.  

Sure, it's not a perfect example of 1920s glad rags, but for a quickly pulled together outfit, I was pleased. And, once we got to the concert, I was also pleased I hadn't overdone it because besides the band, and a gal dressed as a promiscuous Minnie Mouse, I was the only one not wearing jeans (yes, despite all the old clothes I wear, I still get self-conscious). 

After the show we wandered around downtown, which was absolutely alive with costumed-creatures, and ended up at a bar where I had to repeatedly answer the question, "what are you?" to which I responded (with a little help from my beau) "a time traveler." Each year I go out for Halloween, dressed as something obscure, I swear that someday I will live somewhere that people "get" my costumes. 
Not sure if that's possible.
Outfit details:
Hat- antique shop
Blouse- antique shop
Skirt- Speigel (I wore it last Halloween, too!)
Knee-high stockings- ???
Shoes- Cheap-o favorites (I've been wearing them since 2009!)
Necklace- Claire's (?)
Bracelet and ring- gift (scroll down for more)

         Last Christmas, my mother gave me Lauren Rennells' Retro Makeup which I referred to for this look. While the makeup I ended up with may have been more period appropriate than what I normally wear, it didn't really feel like it suited me (so heavy!)- but it sure was fun putting it on!

         Lastly, here's a close up of the Mexican silver ring and bracelet I wore with this outfit. I received this set as a gift from a family friend when I was young and silly (12 or 13) and never wore it (because I thought it was ugly). Luckily, I save everything, and I rediscovered these funky pieces while going through my things when I was last in Western New York. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time just so I could slap my young self for being so ridiculous! :)

To those that celebrated on Wednesday, I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

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