Let's Catch Up

I've been pretty scarce 'round these parts as of late, so let's catch up. 
Last I wrote I had gone on a half-century celebration vacation with my folks, dressed up as a "time traveler" for Halloween, and repurposed my pumpkin for Fall. Since then, my days have been filled with wrangling unruly middle schoolers, sandpaper (I'm refinishing a cabinet) and housework, but I managed to snap a couple pictures of some more noteworthy moments of the last month. 

                  On November 9th my beau and I headed to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. 
This was our second ball together (see here for the first), and his first as a Staff Sergeant; he was promoted in October.
                 Like the last ball, the evening was short and sweet: drinks, a ceremony, dinner, birthday cake and a quick promenade around the dance floor. 

           One of the most entertaining things about the ball has to be the dancing; Marines are great dancers! I'm not sure if it's just the unit or if it's true of all Marines, but put on the Electric Slide or any organized line dance song and prepare to be amazed. I guess all that time spent in formation and they feel right at home in lines on the dance floor!

       On the 16th of November, my beau and I made the trek back to Western New York for eight days of hunting (for him) and for, of course, a good ol' family Thanksgiving. 
      While we were there we visited my parents newly constructed, old fashioned, log lean-to, where we snapped a quick picture for my mom and dad's annual Christmas card. As you can see, our dog Sam Fisher made the trip too! He has grown up so much in a year; he slept the entire 13 hour (26h round trip) car ride and was so good at rest stops he even received compliments from strangers!

        On the 17th of November, my grandmother turned 80 and my mother held a big party in her honor. In lieu of party decorations, my mom decked her whole house out in vintage Christmas splendor- which my grandmother loved (and I should have photographed). Much of Mom's inspiration to collect vintage Christmas comes from the fabulous decorations Grandma had in the house when mom was a girl.
         I am so happy that I was able to wish both of my maternal grandparents a happy 80th birthday in person this year. One of my great guilts about living far from home is not being able to spend more time with Gramma and Pa.

       That about does it for the past month's notable events. I did, however, wear some great Mrs. Bolton pieces to work this month and I even tried to photograph a few. Ignore my disheveled appearance, these are post-work pictures and I am in desperate need of a hair cut.

Curly lamb coat with fur trim- Salvation Army
(deal of the century!!)

Brown velvet peplum jacket- Mrs. Bolton
 One of my favorite pieces from her and a very festive top for the post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas stretch!

Not the best pictures, but a comfy outfit.

Red wool skirt- thrifted

Beaded wool sweater & sheer blouse- Mrs. Bolton

This sweater made me believe in clothing kismet. Before I salvaged clothing from Mrs. Bolton's house, I had been searching for an affordable sweater like this. Low and behold, there it was piled upon a bed with tons of other fabulous clothing. Thank you Mrs. Bolton!

      Well, now that we're all caught up, I'd better get back to my Christmas baking!
 I'll try to stop by again on Christmas eve with a festive holiday update! Until then, happy sailing! 

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