Girls in White Dresses 3

After taking a peek at the rich and famous, and complete strangers on their wedding day for some inspiration, I thought I'd complete my White Dresses series with some old family photos.

Gordon and Evelyn, my mother's parents, on their wedding day- 1955.

I'm not to sure on the details of the wedding itself, but I know this picture was taken afterwards at the family business- a funeral parlor. While gladiolas are traditionally considered a funeral flower, Gramma and Pa used the flowers for their wedding because they were on hand.
 To this day the flower is very special to them, and they grow dozens of glads in their garden. 

Gramma did not wear a wedding dress, both she and Pa wore suits. 

John and Roseanna, my father's parents, on their wedding day- 1961.

To the dismay, I imagine, of their parents (who probably wanted to them have a proper wedding) my grandparents snuck off and eloped during the summer of 1961. 
If I'm remembering the story correctly, they went to a church in Niagara Falls, NY, to get hitched.

My grandpa's sister likes to tell this story about Grandma and Grandpa's wedding: the whole family knew that they were going to run off and get married, but it was all a matter of when. My great aunt, who was already married and living elsewhere, recalls calling her mother daily to find out whether or not Grandpa's razor was still in the bathroom. Once it disappeared, they knew that Grandma and Grandpa had gone off to tie the knot.

 I'm quite certain Grandma wore a polished cotton dress to her wedding. 
It's just so simple, and probably not specifically intended to be a wedding dress, but it suits Grandma perfectly.

As "punishment" for their secret wedding, my great-grandma, Vada, requested the happy couple have a professional photograph taken in their wedding clothes. 
So glad she did, it has to be one of my favorite photographs of the two of them.  

Finally, Randy and Peggy, my parents, on their wedding day- 1981. 

They had a small wedding, with only family in observance, at a winter garden in Niagara Falls, NY.
After the wedding, they returned to mom's parent's house for a simple reception.

I asked my mom about her dress, if she would like me to wear it for my wedding, but she didn't seem thrilled with the idea, which is fine. Her dress looks very 70s, victorian/prairie chic- her description of it was "cheap."

Below is a picture of my parents drinking out of their wedding chalice. 
This cup still exists and I'm trying to talk my beau into drinking out of it at our wedding. We don't have many traditions, but it is the perfect time to start a new one!

My dress arrived on Tuesday and it fits like a glove. 
It's lacy and white and everything a wedding dress ought to be, I think it's a keeper (huzzah!).

 Now that I look at the wedding dresses that came before me, I realize exactly how over the top my dress and our wedding is going to be.......

but, that is a discussion for future posts!

Until then, happy sailing!

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