Rainy Day Hair-Do

       I'm pretty much a one trick pony when it comes to hair setting, in fact I've been doing pretty much the same setting pattern since 2007. It is the whole, if it isn't broken, don't fix it cliché; I'm satisfied with my sets and they work out most of the time, so why change things?
       Last month, however, I read a lovely post over at Evie's Tea Room about how Miss Ivy sets her hair and began to wonder if it wasn't time to add a different setting pattern to my repertoire. Monday evening I set my hair with Ivy's set in mind and came up with something a little different than usual.

Yesterday was a very rainy and very humid day and, as usual, despite my efforts, my do was destroyed in a matter of minutes. Knowing the likelihood of this, I snapped a few photos (albeit poor ones) before I went out so that I could admire my handiwork later.

I'm not sure that I (or my hair) will ever adjust to living somewhere that the humidity regularly lingers around 90%- I can't even escape the humidity during the Winter, for goodness sake! Somedays I think that I might move back to NY just to have a good hair day again. Other days I think that there must be a magic product somewhere out there that will make my hair impervious to humidity; if there is, I haven't found it yet.

Now that you've read all about my hair, tell me about yours....especially if you've found the magic ant-humidity product! :)


  1. What a gorgeous curl!! I may have to try my hand at that tutorial too!

    Humidity is always a killer for my hair too, but I've heard a light waved perm often does the trick. Not sure I'm up for all those chemicals on my scalp personally, but it's awfully enticing sometimes. Otherwise, rainy days are simply up-'do days for me ;)

    1. I've been the whole perm route several times, and usually I just end up with a handful of different problems, though I could see the value of a perm for someone with fine/straight hair.
      I think your suggestion of an up-'do is probably the most sensible option, though I am often tempted to see what I'd look like with a pixie cut :)

  2. I am so very flattered, thank you! Your do looks fantastic! I don't usually have humidity issues, but my hair gets really oily if I don't wash my hair everyday. I also have a bit of breakage at my temples, so it's difficult to get them calmed down when I'm styling my set. Hopefully you find a great product that helps your humidity issues!


    1. Me thinks we have very different hair types, I could go forever without washing mine! Though, I too have breakage near my temples.
      Thanks for dropping by, and thanks so much for posting such an inspiring set!

  3. Oh my, I love your hair! (and cardigan, and dress/blouse, but ok)

    The main reasons why my vintage hairdo never works out are usually the strong wind and the fact that I can't always get myself to actually setting my hair; I have very 'thick' and long hair and I get myalgia in my arms quite easily when doing my curl setting work (by the way, myalgia: is that really the word you use for pain in the muscles? Or is it just Google Translate being too formal Ö )

    Xo Jessica

    1. Haha, why thank you!

      I know exactly what you're talking about with the arm pain (myalgia, I suppose, if you want to get real technical :) ) in fact, the longer my hair gets, the messier my sets are because I hurry to finish curling so my arms will stop aching! Ah, the things we do for beauty!

  4. It looks so lovely. Humdity is awful especially in Melbourne currently. I love to use argan oil to make my hair silky and non frizzy!
    - Jaimee

    1. I've heard many good things about argan oil; I think you have just convinced me to give it a try :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. You're absolutely adorable! I love your blog and the way you mix different eras, modern and vintage. Very cute outfit today!



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