Save the Date

Early last week I bundled up a large stack of envelopes, bound them with twine (for the mail carrier's convenience) and popped them in the mailbox.
On Friday, through the magic of the internet, we began to hear from friends and our technology-capable family that they had received our card and saved our date.

Rings and dresses have been bought, and deposits have been put down on various things, but this was the first step towards our wedding that actually involved our guests..... yes! It's really happening! 

When we first started discussing our guest list, we realized that, while some of our guests live in  Western New York, many of our guests are spread out all over the country; from Florida to Alaska, Maine to Oregon, many of our guests are going to have quite a journey to attend our wedding. So, as a courtesy to our guests from afar, I whipped up a save the date card from a 70s tree field guide illustration. 
Since we're getting married in the woods, and carving our initials into the tree we get married beneath, I am quite pleased with my design. 

Thanks to the wonderful site Vistaprint, I am happily playing designer for all our wedding paper products. While I'm fairly happy with my save the date design, the invitation is proving to be quite a struggle, so glad I have an ample amount of time to design, sample and redesign. 

Advice from Marge

More of a struggle than the designing of cards has been the acquiring of addresses. I can design all the save the dates and invitations that I want, but they're not much good if I don't have an address to send them to!

As our expert Marjorie suggests, the bride's mother, and the groom's, are instrumental in address gathering/guest list formation and our moms were no exception. We did, however, consult both of our mothers separately and not as Mrs. Woods suggests.

Thanks to our mothers, and the virtual white pages, family addresses were no problem; our friends were a different story.

Oh Marge, how you make me giggle!

Oh if my beau only had a memorandum book! Instead I left him on his own to text, call, message anyone he wanted to invite. Despite his efforts, we still have many gaps in our address list.
We also have plenty of time until the "formal" invitations go out- that is, of course, if I can decide on a design! Hopefully a few more of our "vagabond" guests will have supplied us with addresses by then!

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