Sunny Saturday

     Sometimes, around this time of year, we get days that are a kind reminder of the blistering heat that will soon be upon us. Saturday was one of those days and the sun was out in full force. That winter time chill in the wind had disappeared leaving only the warmth of the sun and a vast expanse of Carolina blue sky. Don't get me wrong, it was far from hot on Saturday but, it felt like Spring.

On this very springlike day I wore something that I picked up on a very successful thrifting adventure I had last Wednesday while waiting for kitty, Matilda, to finish her dental appointment.

Matilda's post surgery pout: she had two teeth extracted.
She's recovering quickly and will be back to chomping kibble in no time. 

Confession: This was my first clothes shopping excursion in nearly a year. This both scares me and makes me proud. What's worse is this whole shopping spree, which totaled just over $10, still has me feeling guilty, yikes (snap out of it, woman!)

Anyhow, my thrifting adventure both started and ended at the Salvation Army in downtown Wilmington, where I hit the Pendleton gold mine, finding two pieces of immaculate wool finery, and discovering a number of other non-Pendleton things, like this fun paisley silk skirt. 

I'm not sure why paisley has such a hold over me, I am so attracted to it that I once bought a men's shirt that about six of me could have fit inside of (it hung, unworn, in my closet forever until my mother claimed it for the garden scarecrow).
 Anyway, this skirt is paisley and thus I had to buy it. It's not vintage and it's not my size, but for a couple bucks I just had to have it. (Clothing guilt, and a paisley addiction? What a piece of work!)

While mending some other garments this week, I turned my "new" size twelve skirt into a size six (alas, it still needs to be taken in more) and marveled at my pitiful sewing skills, good thing I have belts to disguise my handiwork!

Necklace- Antique store find??? hmmm...
Cardigan- Forever21
Blouse- Mrs. Bolton
Skirt- thrifted
Tights- JCPenney 
Loafers- unknown super cheap shoe store, years ago

Finally bought some much new tights on Wednesday (all of my old ones were held together with nail polish).
 These are not only patterned, they have a light mint green cast to them, fun!

The skirt has hints of minty green and peachy pink in its swirling design so Mrs. Bolton once again came to my rescue with one of her fabulous lace collared blouses.

I wrote about wearing this top on another beautiful day, years ago, when the blog was still in its infancy. 

It's hard to believe that the 23rd of last month marked the fourth anniversary of Sailing Over a Cardboard Sea. While the rapid rate at which time is passing is alarming (and a little frightening), what is even more amazing is the fact that I've stuck with something for this long (I am incredibly fickle). 

While my posts might be few and far between at times, and uninteresting and trivial at others, I know that in another four years (or less), when I look back here I will appreciate everything that I have photographed and written. 

Which reminds me, I'm past due for another wedding update- hopefully I can remedy that soon!

So, until then,
Happy Sailing, 
hope it's sunny where you are too.

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