Back of the Closet

It seems that there are always one or two garments that get pushed to the back of my closet, doomed to never get the wear they deserve; this dress is one of them.

I remember buying this, about six years ago, insisting I'd wear it. Since then, it has hung in four closets, in four different houses, in two different states and finally, on Friday night, it got worn.

My beau and I traveled back to our apartment in Western NY (hence the crazy wallpaper) for the wedding reception of his childhood friend. The couple was married in Cancun, Mexico, and returned, tan and happy, to celebrate their nuptials with friends and family at an Elks lodge banquet hall. 
Even though this dress matched the table linens, and the bride's maids dresses (oops!), we showed it a pretty good time.

My beau and I are loving this photo booth trend at weddings; we always have such fun messing around in front of the camera. We don't take a ton of photos together (though we can and should), so it's nice to have a few fun snaps of us all dressed up and having a good time. 

I'm looking forward to another five days here in WNY- frolicking in the woods and wedding planning, but my beau, great guy that he is, has returned to North Carolina, to pet our kitties, water the plants, and man the Etsy shop. I'm a pretty lucky gal :)

Happy Sailing 

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