Spring Spritz

In my last post I took you on a brief tour of an estate sale and showed you my prized find: a spritz cookie maker.
I also mentioned that I wanted to get a batch of cookies made this week, and you know what? For once I followed through! 
Thanks to Mom2fur over at 1000 Points of Creativity , I had a wonderful recipe to follow for my cookies. She was kind enough to email the recipe to me, but it is also, along with other lovely things, posted on her blog.

If you have no idea what a spritz cookie maker is, it's much like something one would have used as a child when playing with play dough. Simply pull the plunger back, load the tube with dough, cap it all off with the design of your choice and tighten the ring.

I chose some spring designs: flowers, and butterflies and whatnot, and added some pink food coloring and orange extract to the dough in lieu of the almond extract the recipe called for.

Spritzing is so easy, once your tube is prepared, simply place your tube on the cookie sheet, depress the plunger, and lift when finished. Finding the right amount of dough to push out is a bit of trial and error, but eventually I found that less dough made prettier cookies.

These might be my go to cookies from now on. Quick, easy, fun to make and absolutely delicious, they are the perfect little nibble to have with a cup of tea! Plus, they're pretty!

Looking forward to the next few days filled with obligatory junk seeking, sunshine, and the annual Azalea Festival in Wilmington. Should be a wonderful time! 

Here's to the weekend! 
Happy Sailing!

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