Kiss Proof

The last decade of lipstick wearing has taught me one thing, nothing is truly kiss proof. In my experience, affordable lipsticks that are nearly transfer proof always come with issues: uneven wear, dry lips, discomfort and a limited selection of colors. I was willing to bear all that to spare my beau from having red smooches all over his face on our wedding day, except I'm quite attached to my signature Bésame Red. 
Looking for a way to have my (wedding) cake and eat it too, both figuratively and literally speaking, I began searching for a product that would set my lipstick more than my traditional method of tissue and powder, and that would allow me to wear my "signature" shade. I discovered a paint on product by the name of Lipchic which looked to do exactly what I wanted. 
After a day of wear

For around $10, I picked up a vial of this brush on wonder product and gave it a test run; my results were mixed but promising.

I thought the box was quite nice.

As the instruction booklet mentioned, upon first touching my lips the product created a tingling sensation but dissipated after a few seconds. Also, as mentioned in the booklet, the product took its time drying (1 minute, possibly more) once applied to my lips. As with other transfer resistant lipsticks, Lipchic created the sensation of overly dry lips, however this wasn't unbearable or terribly uncomfortable, just different than what I am used to. Over all, application was simple; if you can paint on your lipstick (which I did for this trial) or paint your nails, using Lipchic should be a breeze.

Most importantly, I did not see any unfavorable color change to my favorite lipstick, Bésame Red still looked like Bésame Red, and I could kiss my beau without leaving a trace!

After several (8+) hours of wear, filled with eating and drinking, my lipstick had indeed worn off, but less so than the rest of my make up, and certainly less so than it would have without the Lipchic. 

From my first application I can see that a bit of experimentation with this product might yield better results. From the uneven wear I experienced in my first trial, I can conclude that I need to be more thorough in my application, being sure to get the very edges and corners of my lips, and that I need to be a bit more patient for the product to dry and not press my lips together until it has done so. 

When it came to removing my lipstick at the end of the day, a good bit of effort was necessary with make up remover. The following day my lips felt just fine, perhaps even more moisturized than normal!

For me, a setting product like Lipchic might not be an every day solution, but I'm excited to have it in my make up arsenal for my upcoming nuptials, for other special occasions, and days when I just can't be bothered with reapplication or feel particularly "kissy."

How do you "keep your lips on"?

Happy Sailing!

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