Bright Light and Bangs


The the shearing of my forelock has become something of a biennial ritual for me. I'm not sure if it's that every couple years my eyebrows start to look lonely, or that my forehead seems especially big, or that I just can't stand things being the same for more than that certain span of time (probably that one), but never fail, and no matter how much I swore I'd never do it again, every two years- I get bangs.


This biennial ritual sacrifice to the hair gods was a DIY job carried out on a Thursday morning whim. I was aiming for a longer, sweeping fringe but got a little scissor happy and ended up with... well, what you see here. They're choppy and uneven, but so is the rest of my hair, and I'm good with that.

After parading my cropped locks around the neighborhood for a couple days, trying to figure out how best to style them, I debuted my new forehead decor in town on Saturday. I received some comments, none specifically about my hair of course, but some generally nice ones about my appearance-  people can be so sweet.

I also received a charming (I use that term loosely) comment about how terribly blinding white my skin is! 
Them: don't you go to the beach?  Me: Um, yes. I don't tan, I burn. I use sunscreen. 
(I prefer my beach experience sans skin cancer, thank you!).

When we returned home, I trotted into the backyard (no, I'm not in a jungle!) to snap a few quick pictures before the sun slipped behind the trees. Like my heckler earlier in the day, from the looks of these pictures, I'd say my camera, too, has developed an aversion for my pallor, and my dress as well!

Once removed and far away from my offending, glowing skin, (and the bright sunshine) things photographed up fine!
Yellow gingham dress- yard sale last summer 
Pink sweater- Mrs. Bolton (also seen here
Pink bow belt- 7th grade Christmas gift from my mother (I clearly never throw anything out, or grow) 

To see the outcome of past biennial ritual hair sacrifices, click here.

Happy Sailing!

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