Earworm: The Dipsy Doodle

The dipsy doodle is the thing to beware
The dipsy doodle will get in your hair
And if it gets you, it couldn't be worse
The things you say will come out in reverse
Like "You love I and me love you!"
That's the way the dipsy doodle works. 

Truly an earworm of a song, one listen and The Dipsy Doodle gets your toe a tappin' while it burrows itself deep into your brain. Yesterday, it cropped up on the radio in a report on the Electro-Swing movement currently going on in Europe, and I haven't been able to shake it since.

The Dipsy Doodle was one of those great hits that many orchestras and band leaders had their own take on. Orchestra leader Larry Clinton, whose version can be heard in the first video below, is credited with composing and arranging this late 1930s hit. His version might just be my favorite, however you can never go wrong with early Ella Fitzgerald, heard in the third video below!


This is an earworm that makes me get up and dance! Luckily my dog (who is often my very willing dance partner when it's just the two of us at home) is quite forgiving of my two left feet. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a wallflower and could have the confidence (and coordination) to dance, in public, with a human partner :)


Happy Sailing!

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