The Lady Redlegs

That bit of chill in the air has prompted me to pull out my Pendleton- hooray! 
While my other two Pendletons are quite festive, and a little better suited for December, my red and blue 49er seems to be just right for any time of year. 

While I love my woolies, I always struggle to figure out what to wear with them and have a hard time deciding if I'm wearing the 49er as jacket or as a blouse. For this outfit, Mrs. Bolton came to the rescue with one of her blouses, and things progressed from there. 
The icing on the cake was the pair of red tights I brought back from my trip to WNY this past spring. I know my mother would be rolling her eyes right about now (she doesn't seem to like my colorful legs), but I really must get some more colorful cotton tights- they're so fun and perfect for a chilly day out and about!

Sam Fisher, always eager to help with pictures

Hair tie- thrifted
Pendleton- antique mall (also worn here)
Blouse- Mrs. Bolton
Skirt and belt- JC Penney
Tights- purchased at ? for an elf costume
(love how this stuff finds its way into my regular wardrobe)
Black flats- gift, repaired/customized by me (see more here)

When I woke up Saturday morning, the day that I wore this outfit, I woke inspired to do something different with my hair. I was motivated, no doubt, by my inability to change things up for the Marine Corps ball the night before, and likely inspired by the lovely Barbara Stanwyck who I had just seen in the charming 1941 film, The Lady Eve.


Stanwyck has some seriously fabulous fringe in the film (bottom left), and, as it turns out, throughout her career; I think I may have found my new hair idol! 

I love the idea of having fringe long enough to style up or down. 
Whoever said that bangs are boring (I think that was me), was so wrong!

Happy Sailing!

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