Mad About Saffron

When I left the house Saturday morning, I had on a brown velvet hat; when I returned home, I was wearing this yellow beauty. 

Our regular Saturday errands took a fabulous turn when we discovered an antiques show at the convention center. Once inside, it took all of five minutes for me to seek out the vendor with all the vintage clothing, strike up a conversation, and start piling up hats (for the shop of course).

When I laid eyes on this lovely yellow velvet chapeau with it's lucite buckle and grosgrain ribbon, I knew it had to be mine. So, for the first time in ages, I bought it, just for me, and without guilt!! I left the house with a yellow cardigan and yellow gloves and I came home with a matching yellow hat, it was meant to be- vintage kismet strikes again!

Forgive the frizz and the crazy eyes, it was a long day with lots of wind. Sure I could have waited to show off this beauty when I was a bit more presentable, but there was really no way I was changing out of this outfit before I snapped I few photographs of my prize and magically coordinating outfit. I'm also really digging this lipstick combo; Bésame merlot plus Bésame red makes a nice deep red that I'm loving for winter.

 Outfit Details

Hat- antique show
Cardigan- Forever21
Blouse- Saks Fifth Avenue, thrifted. Also seen here.
Neck tie- Mrs. Bolton. Also seen here.
Skirt- Pendleton, thrifted. Also seen here.
White tights- Angelina ballet tights (love these!)
Shoes- Capezio character shoes. Most recently seen here.

Today I also wore a pair of yellow gloves that were hand-me-downs from the mother of one of my mom's friends. From that same friend, I received the coat I am wearing in the first two photographs of this post. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the fantastic Harbor Miss tag this old jacket has. Though it was a bit too chilly for this coat today, I just loved how it looked with the shoes and the Pendleton skirt.

The final addition to this outfit was my vintage Cuban alligator bag that I drooled over at a pawn shop and my mother gave to me as a Christmas gift. It's a bit fragile so I use it sparingly, but I love the color!

While I was resetting the camera, Tilly crawled up into the chair and made herself comfy. She thinks herself quite photogenic and has a budding modeling career on Instagram. She's such a sweetie!

I'll be back later this week with a before and after post featuring a recent painting project which I am really excited about!!

Until then,

Happy Sailing

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