Southern Gals

     The area in which I live is a strange place, sort of a ghost of it's former self, made generic and one dimensional by the nearby Marine Corps base and the constant coming and going of temporary residents. Little hints of the town this used to be are tucked here and there just enough to tease the curious.
     A few months ago, while visiting a local art gallery (a real hidden gem), I picked up a book* of local history, authored by the gallery's owner and resident artist, which created a rich picture of what once was. The book also contains a number of fabulous photographs of everyday women from the last century.

Mildred, Twila, Carol and Betty, heading to the soda shop.
There's so much to love about this photograph, from Mildred's glasses, Twila and Carol's bangs, Betty's whole ensemble, this group is looking sharp! 


Ester, Shirley, Thelma and Marilyn headed to the movies.
(We currently do not have a theater in town)
Another group of lovely ladies; look at those skirts and those waist lines!!

Mary Lou at the beach
The caption in the book also explained that beach going wasn't frequent at this time because of threat of German submarines.

 Betty and her chicken, 1947.
This is the kind of photographs I like best, a glimpse into real life. I wonder how hard you'd have to look these days to find a lady in her yard with a freshly plucked chicken in her hand.

I've always had a penchant for old vernacular  photographs, pictures of real life way back when, but there is something so amazing about knowing that these are folks that lived, and some that still live, here, in this very place in which I'm just starting to sprout roots.
Amazing how a little local history can make living in a place feel a little less untethered.

I'll be back soon with another installment of Fair Sails Friday
 Until then,
Happy Sailing

*Images above taken from: Thurston, Sherry, and Joshua Thurston. Images of America Sneads Ferry. Charleston: Arcadia Publishing, 2011.

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