Lift and Separate Revisited, Sweater Redeemed

Since last pondering the evolution of the brassiere, and declaring the silhouette of the What Katie Did bullet bra superior to that of Victoria's Secret's lightly lined bras, I've continued my hunt for modern bras that lend a more old fashioned shape. 

After looking at oodles of bras, I concluded that something with a two part cup would give that "pointy" and well-supported look I was after without the poke-your-eye-out look of the bullet bra-- perfect. The next challenge, finding something in my size.

Reading the reviews of this bra, which said things like "HOLY CONE BOOBS!,"
I knew this was just what I was looking for.

While it doesn't exactly come in my size (34 A), a band size down and cup size up (32 B) fits perfectly. Also, at just under $20, this bra is much more budget friendly than what Katie and Victoria have to offer. 

With it's center bow and lace design, this bra has a pretty innocence to it, and is much less frumpy looking than I expected. Just be warned, the lace design is a bit itchy at first but this isn't a problem after the first few washes.

Ok, so it fits, and it's a two part cup, but how does it look under clothes?

Last week I posted an outfit featuring a frustrating black sweater which I concluded could possibly look better had I worn a different bra beneath it. 

^ Victoria's Secret lightly lined push up bra ^

 As a challenge to the Bali Flower bra, 
I donned the lumpy black sweater once again.....  

^ Bali flower bra ^

^ VSC ^
^ Bali ^

While the Bali bra makes my bust look smaller (an accurate portrayal since the bra is unlined), it also positions things a little higher (where they belong) thus elongating my torso and defining my waistline.
I don't know about you, but I'd much rather have the appearance of a smaller waist and perky breasts than the saggy, slouchy look the other bra created.

"HOLY CONE BOOBS!" might not be for everyone, but for me, two part bras are the way forward.

Happy Sailing!

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