Flowers and Bows

After nearly a week of rain, the skies finally cleared and suddenly spring is upon us here on the coast. While we're once again expecting rain and chilly temperatures, the past few days have been glorious. Sunday was a day for yard work and chores around the house, however Saturday was a day for indulgence with time spent at some of our favorite spots in Wilmington, some thrift shopping, and eventually taking in a movie (the new 300 flick).

For the brilliantly sunny day that was Saturday, I wore an outfit that has been taunting me from the laundry room. Hand washed and hung to dry at the same time, this sweater and blouse presented themselves as a must wear combination for spring. Originally I had intended on wearing this duo with my tan wool Pendleton skirt but couldn't (for once) see wearing wool on a 70 degree day, so I opted for my favorite green pants. Pants that fit right are tough to find for me, generally if they fit over my hips and thighs they are way too big at the waist. These pants, however, fit pretty well (though I really wish they'd look like this on me).

Outfit Details
Blouse- Salamanca Antique Mall, Salamanca, NY (also seen here)  
Enamel flower brooch with aurora borealis rhinestone- 22nd birthday gift from my mom
Belt- borrowed from my pink gingham dress
White socks and loafers

As I mentioned earlier, Saturday's activities actually included some long desired thrift shopping! I managed to talk my beau into dropping me at Goodwill, where I've had some thrifting luck before, while he went and ogled some football cards and other manly things. When he returned, I was still shopping, my arms piled high with finds. He was quite skeptical that I would stay with in my $21 spending limit and, after weeding out the duds (things that did not fit), my total came to $21.99 (shucks). 

Among my finds were some genuine vintage pieces:

 This sweater, likely from the 50s, is a thing of genius. Not only is it washable, it's lined in a sheer nylon so the acrylic and mohair blend doesn't irritate the skin-- what a brilliant idea! It's a little late in the season to be buying sweaters, but this one is so light weight, I swear I will wear it this spring and can even see it worn with shorts on a mild summer evening (that's me, always trying to justify my purchases).

As I've mentioned before, I'm a wool addict, so when I found this skirt it was coming home with me regardless of fit. Likely from the 70s, it has such lovely spring colors to it and is unlike anything currently in my closet. Lucky for me, it does fit, and I look forward to wearing it soon, perhaps in the coming days when the temperature recedes to winter norms.

Spring is such a glorious season here, more enchanting than any I've experience elsewhere.  I cannot wait for the the wisteria bloom,  the wild dogwood with their buttery-yellow blossoms, and the azaleas in all their glory. 
For now, I am happy to see the wild violets on the lawn, the sunny daffodils and the resplendent camellias--- never would I want to rush spring, for the heat and humidity of the summer that lies beyond is something I will never become accustomed to--- perhaps because I keep buying wool.

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