Short Pants Romance

I have one pair of particularly short pants that were bought, quite on accident, from the petite section of a department store. They're the sort of pants with a little elastic in the waistband that ladies of a certain age prefer (in fact my grandma probably has the same exact pair), but they've slowly become some of my favorite (those old ladies are on to something!).
While I'm terribly self-conscious about my hips and ankles and calves and thighs and...well, my legs in general, and try to avoid such close fitting slacks, with these I just don't care. Perfect with flats, and great for a windy spring walk on the beach, these are the kind of pants I need more of.

Of course, thinking on short pants brings to mind the fabulous mid century wardrobe of many a lovely lady who not only had the perfect pants, but the perfect figure for the pants.

Audrey, of course, in her simple and iconic wardrobe featuring the slim fitting cigarette pants she helped to popularize. Love her flats in this shot as well!!

Mary Tyler Moore frequently sported slim, short pants as Laura Petrie in the Dick Van Dyke Show
(If I watch enough episodes of this show I develop some serious hair and wardrobe emvy while simultaneously being reminded to be a less whiny wife!)

Marilyn wears her short pants with heels! 

Brigette Bardot in slim polka dot pants.... what a figure!

So, on the shopping list more short pants go-- oh how I love this casual style!

Happy Sailing!

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