Love Letter to the Past

Each generation bestows gifts on those that follow. 
Sometimes these gifts come in the form of the physical and inherited: hair color, nose shape, height, and other times these gifts are taught: sharp wit or a soft spoken nature. Perhaps the greatest gift, however, is that of example and inspiration.

On the street where we live: Grandma heads off to work and I play dress up
Grandma Evey lives her life with a thirst for knowledge, a love for the printed word, and careful observation of the world around her. Though she did not see her education through to graduation, she is a scholar in her own right always reading, and learning, and writing. Grandma keeps a journal about, among other things, the world outside her window, and can tell you when the hummingbirds arrived last year or when she saw the first robin. Grandma always has a story to tell, and answers for everything; she's one of the smartest people I know.
Grandma is an inspiration.

On the beach: Grandma on her Cape Cod honeymoon, and me, enjoying my seaside life
Grandma Roseanna lives her life with a smile on her face and a song in her heart and on her lips. She is our family's beacon of sunshine, always bringing us together for joyous occasions and celebrating with a delicious pie. She is both the keeper and creator of traditions, thoughtful, sentimental and determined. 
Never a bad word to say about anyone, Grandma is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. 
Grandma is an inspiration. 

Mom breaks ground to begin building the family home, I break ground to start a garden at the home I've created with my beau.
My mom, what can I say about my mom. 
She is the memory maker, the person responsible for the magical world I grew up in, and the person who keeps that magic alive even now. She proudly marches to her own beat and takes every opportunity to seize the day. She is our family's captain, steering us from one great adventure to the next, and she is our family's historian, documenting every inch of every adventure.  

Mamma, me, and my look of admiration
The more I see, the more I do, the more I realize exactly how much she has done for me.
Mom is an inspiration.

Perhaps the greatest gift each generation gives to those that follow is an example to live by, and the inspiration to live life well and be happy.

I am so lucky to have so many great ladies in my life who inspire me to live by their example, to be a memory maker, a beacon of sunshine, and a storyteller. Ladies who silently encourage me to smile, to never utter a bad word, to seize the day, and to, no matter what, always keep learning. 

And while the nose I inherited from Grandma Evey, the legs from Grandma Roseanna, and the eyes from my mother won't help me to become the great lady who passed on these traits, these features remind me of my potential and keep me moving forward.

Happy Mother's Day 

Happy Sailing

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