With my short cut of last year and this, the latest installment in my hair saga, February has officially become the month of change for me. After all, there's nothing better to break through the ennui of a long winter than doing something drastic. 

Read about my coat and hat here.
My gloves are a recent thrift shop find (only a quarter!)

There's also nothing quite like the absence of hair to make you consider your features. 

Looking at these pictures, I'm suddenly aware of the squareness of my jaw and the unexpected width of my face, both of which I see now are only enhanced by the low, heavy, asymmetrical bang. 

Surprisingly enough, there are so many to ways to style this cropped do, so I shall keep trying until I find some style that really flatters my face (there has to be something, right?).  
I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with my natural curly texture and to finally being rid of my brittle hypothyroid hair.

Scarf, brooch and my favorite grey sweater-- thrifted
Pearl earrings-- a gift from my beau
Read more about the skirt here.

While I have never been particularly attached to my hair, now that it's gone it is amazing to me how it served as a sort of security blanket, something that I clung to distract from my insecurities. On a good hair day, with long hair, it always felt like it didn't matter what my skin looked like or how I was dressed, my hair would command the most attention and draw the focus away from everything else. 

With shorter hair, it feels like everything is under a microscope, and that's a feeling I actually welcome-- what an opportunity to explore and develop my personal style.

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