The Details: Lauren Bacall

Like many a vintage lovin' gal, I enjoy time spent perusing old images, scanning them for details-- the brows, the lashes, the lips, and these days, I've been paying particular attention to the accessories. 

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I was surprised to notice these coin bracelets on Lauren's wrist. A bit bohemian, they give the air of a well traveled woman with eclectic taste. 
While picking a vintage coin bracelet, like these, would be lovely, collecting coins while traveling, or finding weathered and worn ones at the beach, would make an interesting bracelet with some personal significance.

full image here
A more anticipated accessory, Lauren's classic rhinestone-studded flower brooch coordinates with her dress. I really like the placement of the brooch on the seam of the dress, something to keep in mind!

I'm loving the color scheme here-- the color of Lauren's massive ring with her slacks, the gold of the ring with the golden bangles she wears on each arm; I'm also loving what looks to be an orange-red on her nails-- so summery! This is definitely an image you want to view in full.

full image here
There's that ring again, gosh it's gorgeous! 
And note that feminine wrist watch. 
Accessorizing is kept minimal with the loud pattern of this summer suit.

full image here
I had to include this shot from The Big Sleep; look at those talons! I also can't help but notice the shading on Lauren's lips and her bottom lip is overdrawn to create the illusion of a fuller pout.

If you want to view more high quality images of Lauren, and hundreds of other stars, I highly recommend visiting Dr. Macro.

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