Style Study: Twin Peaks

I suppose I'm late to the party on this, but I've absolutely fallen in love with the quirky and campy early 90s series Twin Peaks.

I had the opportunity to, thanks to the magic of Amazon streaming, take in the entire series in an epic binge watching session just before Christmas, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. 

While I'm quite taken with the outlandish characters and supernatural themes, and seriously considering the Black Lodge's red room as a decor choice, I'm also finding myself inspired by the fantastic fashion and hair in the series.

With her signature saddle shoes and penchant for pleated plaid, Audrey Horne is every vintage lovin' gal's favorite Twin Peaks femme fatale. 

Audrey is totally summed up by her footwear choices-- innocent girl on one foot, womanly temptress on the other.

While I'm always a fan of tucking into high-waisted anything, I'm really loving the short sweater paired with the pleated plaid skirt.

Actress Sherilyn Fenn has such an effortless Old Hollywood glamor to her look (the arch of her eyebrows just kills me). Having seen her in more recent roles before I watched Twin Peaks, I love seeing her look used to such full effect here.

Beyond the fashion, I love the hair on this show. Twin Peaks debuted in 1990, so there's plenty of big crimpy curls (I'm looking at you, Lucy), but there's also some fabulous short hair, too; fabulous enough, in fact, I'm kicking myself for not watching a year ago when I was in desperate need of short hair inspiration.

Of course, I can't talk short hair without mentioning Josie Packard. Her jet black power pixie paired with a ruby red pout is so alluring, and she's got a pretty fantastic wardrobe too!

High-waisted slacks, a chunky belt, and an over-sized cardigan: Josie's look is masculine in that fabulous Katherine Hepburn way.

Josie also has a fantastic lingerie collection. I'm particularly in love with the backside of this peignoir.

While many of the other characters' hair grows throughout the series, Josie's seems to remain the same (though it does get combed forward when she's in her maid uniform--  still adorable but less sophisticated).

Donna Hayward's hairstyle seems to change the most throughout the series, starting out with a big, fabulous curly bob (dream hair!) and winding up long and wavy. Her fashion choices are pretty interesting, too. While Audrey has a very set style, Donna's wardrobe is always a surprise.

Some of Donna's outfits have so much fabric-- smart choices for winter I suppose, Twin Peaks is in the mountains after all!

Love that sweater! Must look for sweaters with a waistband like that.

Donna's funeral look.

I had to check and see how tall Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna) is to see how she's pulling off all of this fabric and the long skirts-- she's 5'6" (according to the internet), that's an inch taller than me, yet I know if I tried to recreate the first or last look above, I'd look so boxy (ah, to be slim!).
Speaking of height, Sherilyn Fenn is reportedly 5'4" and those knee skimming pleated skirts are quite flattering, I suppose that's something to keep in mind when I'm out shopping (though excessive length has never kept me from a pleated plaid skirt).

Okay, now that I've unnecessarily analyzed everyone's height, let's get to my favorite character and personal style icon: 
the Log Lady.

More chunky sweaters and plaid for the Log Lady, but check out her wooden brooch!

At first, I thought this accessory, like the log, was reserved for the Log Lady, but while browsing stills at (the source of all these images), I came across several shots of Lucy Moran wearing wooden brooches too.

I never would have thought to center a brooch like this, but it looks great!

One of my favorite Lucy outfits. Gotta love those chunky sweaters.

I guess I'll add wooden brooches to my shopping list along with short cardigans, chunky sweaters, vests, and lots of plaids.

 I think a move to [a quirky town] in the mountains might be necessary to make my fantasy Twin Peaks wardrobe wearable more than two weeks out of the year-- I'm more than willing to make that "sacrifice."

Ooh! And before I wish you all happy sailing, I just have to share this still I stumbled on from the Black Lodge-- check out Agent Cooper's excellent neck tie; such a departure from his usual, conservative neck wear.

Such a fabulous tie, it reminds me of some of the 40s ties I rescued from Mrs. Bolton's. I do love a good necktie!

As much as I loved the story, the characters, and the fashion, I have to say I was a little disappointed at how the series ended. All that time establishing a relationship and setting up a traditional story arc between Agent Cooper and Audrey *spoiler alert* just to have him rescue a new, hastily introduced, love interest in the Black Lodge. 
It was dissatisfying and felt incomplete. 

That said, I am super excited that there a revival of the series in progress that will fulfill Black Lodge Laura Palmer's "I'll see you again in 25 years" prophecy. I can't wait to see if this time the ending is a little more satisfactory (and if Bob is still inhabiting Agent Cooper).

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