Cameo Summer

       At the end of February, my beau and I made the long drive back to New York to honor the memory of his uncle and to help his mother clear out her family home. My beau's grandmother had been a great collector of things, as had his uncle, which meant there was a lot to go through, a lot to throw out, and a lot to save. 
       After a week of hard, dusty work, we returned to North Carolina with a van full of treasures that we were tasked with re-homing. 

      In the months since, I've sent my beau's family treasures across the country and around the world, helping to recoup his uncle's final expenses and hopefully bringing some peace of mind to all involved with the knowledge that these old things will be appreciated.

While it was never really my intention to keep much of what we brought back, I've wound up feeling like I should hold on to some of it.  I just couldn't part with the sterling cake server used in my beau's great-grandparents wedding, or the ceramic Christmas tree made by his grandma, and the bracelet engraved as a gift from his great-grandfather to his great-grandmother seemed way too special to part with. Also, for obvious reasons, the ocean themed paintings, that hung in the family home for the better part of a century, had to become part of my home as well. 
Some of what I've saved has been things that feel at home in my home, some are things that most would consider family heirlooms, and some are things that I just plain like-- like this cameo. 
A bit of costume jewelry, nothing special or sentimental, I had every intention of adding this cameo to my shop, that is until I put it on.

Since then, I've rarely taken it off, in fact, most of my outfits this summer have involved the cameo. At this point, I have worn it enough that strangers, who have since become acquaintances, have identified me as the "girl with the big [expletive] cameo"-- hey, there are worse things to be known for!

Like the cameo, this 60s Sears dress is a new addition to my collection and has been one of my summer staples since I picked it up on our travels in July. 
With lightweight, linen-like fabric, and cheery salmon hue, it has been just the frock to beat the southern heat in style. 

Scarf-- thrifted
Cameo Necklace-- my beau's grandmother's 
Pearl earrings-- a gift from my beau

Dress-- Sears Fashions, purchased at Antiques & Interiors, Great Valley, NY (highly recommend stopping here if you're ever in the area)

Shoes-- Christian Siriano for Payless

The color of this dress reminds me of a cooked shrimp, so I wore it to our town's annual shrimp festival on Saturday night. 
Since moving here six years ago, we've only missed one shrimp festival, and while it's nothing more that some concessions, craft vendors, and live music, it's the highlight of life here in this little fishing community, so we go, eat some fried shrimp and funnel cakes, and generally have a nice time. 

The night always ends in an insane fireworks display that, in years past, has had us fearing for our safety as embers rain down on us, and always has us asking, "was that the finale?" 
This year was no different, but the wind was blowing in our favor and we were saved from that additional excitement of dodging bits of burning cardboard while we enjoyed the show.

It has been a great cameo summer so far! 
Here's to discovering another signature accessory for fall.

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