Short Pants and Snoods

Working from home is a strange thing. 

Some days, I may only leave the house to get the mail, walk the dogs or tend to the yard, others I might be traipsing across the countryside, making post office runs and attending auctions, estate sales, and flea markets. 
More often than not, during an average work week, my in-person human interaction is limited to my beau and perhaps a neighbor or the post office clerk.   

While this sort of reclusive lifestyle suits my introverted nature, it has also taken a rather significant toll on my already impaired social skills and has, surprisingly, greatly shaped my wardrobe.

Not having to leave home on a daily basis doesn't mean I'm shuffling around the house in a dressing gown all day but it also doesn't mean I wrapped up in my vintage finest either. 

On the back of my closet door, there are several hooks-- one for each aspect of my rotating work from home wardrobe. On one hook hangs my pajamas, the next: exercise clothing for my morning skates around the neighborhood, the next: a pair of grubby cargo pants and a flannel button up for yard work and messy projects, and on the fourth hook is a pair slacks, a top/sweater and a snood-- my work uniform.

Most often, that fourth hook contains a pair of thrifted, side-zip, short pants, which, if run by a fashion consultant, would be one of the first things eliminated from my wardrobe simply because they break all the rules for thick legs and ample ankles.

Since summertime, these rule-defying black and white checked short pants have been my absolute favorite, paired with nearly every top and sweater I own. 
They are my equivalent to the ever-popular legging and the height of lazy fashion for me. Throw on a snood to contain my unruly mane and glasses to camouflage my makeup-less eyes, a swipe of lipstick, and voila-- it looks as if I have truly made an effort. 


I did actually leave the house in this get-up, deciding at the last minute to throw on one of Mrs. Bolton's jackets on my way out the door. 
While I always love these pants no matter what they're paired with, it's because of the jacket that I truly loved this outfit. 

I'm always quite hesitant to mix colors and patterns for fear it will come off more like I got dressed in the dark rather than having eccentric taste, but I feel like this mix of the chartreuse sweater with the olive and yellow jacket, the diamond pattern with the square checks, somehow all works out, connected perhaps by that common thread of black and white. 

Because I love it so, this ensemble will now enter the rotation on the fifth hook on my closet door-- the one for wear in public beyond the post office and grocery store, next time paired with a leg-slimming heel or d'Orsay flat. 

Jacket-- Mrs. Bolton
Chartruese sweater-- Banana Republic (thrifted)
Slacks-- thrifted
Black moccasins-- Rack room, brand unknown

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