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The luna moth, Actias luna, is an ethereal delight of the season. 
Though considered to be a relatively common creature, their brief moment of moth-hood means they are rarely seen in their final form. When we do spot one this time of year clinging to a wall or feebly flitting about, their hours are numbered.
With no mouths and no ability to eat, their sole purpose in their short lives is to breed-- to push forth a new generation who will befall the same fate. Most lunas will only live for a week and, if they're successful, they'll reproduce during that time.
And so it goes, right? One generation dies as another emerges into the world. Children become parents, parents become corpses. 
The cycle of life. Birth, death and a bit of fleeting beauty in between. 

Luna moths have always fascinated me-- their unique and delicate beauty, their seeming rarity, their substantial size. Should I find one, as I often do, stuck to the side of the house patiently waiting for death or sex, I f…

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