Review: Besamé Cosmetics

For the record, I generally don't treat myself to anything but drugstore cosmetics but I couldn't refuse Besamé's beautiful packaging and enticing deals. After years of admiring their products online I finally decided to order and experience the products in person. Choosing a shade of lipstick through a computer screen was a difficult process for me but I finally settled on Besamé's signature red and merlot. I also purchased the Delightful Rose moisturizer which is described as creating "a perfect canvas before make-up application." I received my order with in days and was delighted to find everything elegantly packaged and just as I had expected. I immediately applied the merlot lipstick and found it darker than I had expect but still very charming. This shade was not one that I would normally purchase as I tend to gravitate towards a more vibrant red, but I was surprised at how becoming this shade was on me. The merlot is a great color for evening and also gives my look a twenties feel, which I adore. Besamé's red is vibrant but tends to look a bit pink on me and has to be carefully applied as I feel if not applied evenly the "pinkness" of the shade is enhanced. The best part about these two lipsticks is the smooth consistency, the matte look, the long lasting color, and the subtle vanilla scent. Combining these two lipsticks has resulted in the perfect shade for me, while wearing them separately provides two separate looks that I am quite fond of as well. As the name suggests, Besamé's moisturizer has a delightful rose scent and does wonders for my complexion. The product is light weight yet rich and alleviated my winter dry skin without making my skin greasy. I'm so happy I ordered from Besamé, I just wish I'd done it sooner!
Besamé cosmetics can be found here.

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