Bolton's Bouquet

Today I wore yet another outfit entirely composed of Mrs. Bolton's clothing, if it were not for her it seems my closet would be empty, or much less interesting. As the weather was much more temperate than Monday, I paired the dress with one of Mrs. Bolton's sweaters. 
The dress is made of a sheer material which combined with the floral pattern makes this dress a very spring appropriate garment. The dress still has the original belt, an amazing occurrence when it comes to old clothes, and features a modest v-neckline.
The dress is fitted just above the belt but has a generous bust which lends the dress a very nice silhouette. Also the dress has small gathered sleeves, which I tried to capture in the photograph above, and a slightly gathered, quadruple stitched shoulder, which seems to indicate late 1940's to me. 
The blue sweater, as I mentioned, is from Mrs. Bolton's collection as well and matches the blue on the dress just perfectly. I imagine that Mrs. Bolton must have worn this exact outfit on occasion. 
With this dress I get to wear one of my favorite slips as it matches the red and coral flowers on the dress well. My mother picked this slip up for me as a Christmas present a few years ago and despite the fact it is much too large for me, it is an absolutely beautiful slip.
Unlike the rest of today's outfit the slip actually has a tag on it! The slip is made by Vanity Fair and judging from the tag was made in the late '40's or early '50's as I do believe Vanity Fair had tags with a light blue logo at this time. 
As for shoes, I wore my good old tap shoe inspired, black strapped heels that I have worn in previous closet posts. 

What I would rather wear is these peep toe shoes from ModCloth.
I've been looking at these shoes for sometime now to go with another dress and now that I have found yet another outfit they would look stunning with I may have to order these shoes! At under forty dollars, I think they are a steal!
This dress is one I rarely wear as I feel it looks a bit frumpy or matronly on me. I think that paired with these shoes this dress would become a bit more alluring and fashionable. 

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