Bicycle, Bicycle

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

When I was a kid, my bicycle was my best friend. My bicycle and I would spend entire summers together, months that were filled with long hot days riding down dusty roads, just looking for adventure. As a kid, having a bicycle meant freedom and independence in a way that having a car has never been able to match. For me there has always been something almost magical about a riding a bicycle, the breeze in your hair, warm sun on your back, the smell of spring or the summer heat in the air and that sense of accomplishment at propelling yourself from one point to another. 

I recently rediscovered my love for bicycling on my vintage Columbia Rambler. Riding around town on this beauty is such a joy, not only does it offer a smooth and stylish ride, its handy basket carries all the treasures I acquire along the way.

Like most of my vintage finds, this bike found me. Driving down the main road in my home town I passed the local farm stand to see a shiny pink bike propped next to the stand's open sign. I stopped to see the bike and immediately realized just what a find it was. With good tires, a good seat and just a little rust the bike was in good condition and was just begging to be ridden. The old man that runs the stand was asking twenty dollars for the bicycle and needless to say this was a deal I couldn't resist! 

I've had the bike for a couple of years now but have never really been comfortable riding for fear of a car related incident. Recently I have discovered a paved pedestrian trail that travels along the river here in town and that is also very easy to access from my apartment. After about a five minute bike ride on the street I can get on the trail and ride a great deal without having to worry about cars.
Monday, after my classes, I decided the day was too beautiful to waste so I rode my bike along the trail to a neat '50's drive-in ice cream and burger stand and got myself a milk shake. 
What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! 

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