Pomp and Circumstance

College commencement is far more prestigious than high school graduation, why just look at the required wardrobe! Today I wore a cap, a hood, a gown and a medal, all in such a sophisticated black and white.
Under my gown I wore one of my absolute favorite dresses. Doing a little research using the RN number on the dress, I have determined this dress is from approximately 1956 and was made by a company called Ainsley Frocks in New York City. I love this dress because it is simple, black and I feel it really shows off my shape well. The satin detail at the waist puts me in mind of classical garments that are often shown to have gold cord at the waist in a similar manner.
The top of the dress is sheer with a shaped under bodice much like the Peterman dress I posted last. The back of the dress, not pictured, is darling as well with little black satin bows that cover the zipper. This dress was such a lucky find, in fact it was the first vintage garment I managed to pick up after moving back from Toronto. Often I am asked how I manage to find all these old clothes in this area, obviously it isn't as hard as one might think. If I were in a more mystical mood I might venture that these clothes find me!
With this dress I wore a pair of modest black shoes and my favorite vintage pearl and rhinestone clip ons. 

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