Floral Frock

Today's dress is yet another Bolton garment. I love this dress because of the interesting pattern and lovely plastic buttons it has. This photograph from afar just does not do this dress justice! Since the dress had lost its original belt I provided a black satin belt and attempted to tie it all together with a black jacket and my trusty black shoes. I am not entirely sure that this black accessory decision was a good idea. I would like to find a vintage jacket to wear with this dress and the black jacket is a department store piece I picked up last year. I find myself throwing this little jacket over several mostly vintage ensembles and while it looks okay, it is never quite right.
The design is so interesting on this dress, the black lines look like they were simply drawn on with pen and ink. The dress is made of a lightweight, sheer material, perfect for warmer weather. 
Despite my best effort, I cannot identify when this dress is from and this time I even had the benefit of a tag! I also attempted to date the item by the zipper brand, regal, but I could not find anything on that either!

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