Peterman's Beautiful Bow

A few weeks ago, I went to my parents house and found a big box on my bed, inside was this dress. My mother had ordered the 40's Bow Dress from J.Peterman intending that I wear it for graduation. Today is the day before commencement but I thought, rather than having this dress covered by a big gown, I'd wear it to receive an award and have it be seen.
I had to send the dress back that my mother had originally ordered as it was too big. I exchanged a 6 for a 4 but still think a 2 would have been more flattering. Hopefully the 4 will fit me in the future, I feel like the 2 would have just fit me today. Before I left the house the dress was so wonderfully pressed and the bow was so neatly arranged, everything looked fabulous. Unfortunately it has been raining something fierce here and the water both wrinkled my dress and ruined my hair. 

With this dress I wore a pair of black patent peep toes I picked up on sale at a department store. These shoes are incredibly comfortable and very flattering to my chubby ankles. I generally dislike patent leather but made an exception for these sexy shoes.
I also wore a pair of earrings my parents bought me for Christmas and the bracelet I got for my birthday. Believe it or not the bracelet is the only vintage thing I am wearing today!

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