I Love Lucy: an inspired advertisement

In a few weeks, a near by town will be holding its annual 50's Festival which generally consists of a car show, a carnival and various people impersonating 1950's celebrities. I generally like to dabble in anything artistic and I especially enjoy trying to create aesthetically pleasing advertisements so, when our ad man at work asked what we'd like to do for the 50's Fest ad, it was suggested that I not only pose for it but that I try and construct it as well. 
Hmmm. Fifties. I knew I needed something something sort of kitschy and obviously '50's to be easily understood by newspaper readers. I also knew that dressing up as Marilyn, the obvious choice, was out of the question. So instead I looked to one of my favorite women, Lucille Ball. 
While I am in no way a dead ringer for Lucy, I used her hairstyle and dress in the Vitameatavegamin episode to guide my style for the ad. 
To imitate the poodle hairstyle I tightly pin curled my fringe which, at the time, was 6-8 inches long. After removing the pins I separated the curls and then pinned the hair up to form Lucy's puffy fringe. In an attempt to look more like Lucy I drew my lips much larger than they actually are and applied massive false eyelashes. 
While the result isn't right on, I think I ended up with a rather interesting and appropriate look for the ad. Shown above is a a rough copy of the ad I created. Since I was working with rather inadequate programs to create this ad, I am quite proud at the result. Our ad man will smooth out the rough edges in the ad and add the necessary items before going to press.  

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