Fabulous Fur: The "Bee" Coat

I love fur, rather, I wear vintage fur and I love it. Vintage shops and even thrift stores are filled with fur coats in immaculate condition, lightly worn for special occasions by their previous owners. Like most vintage clothes, a sixty year old fur coat has a story to tell whether it be through the tags it bears or the monogram sewn on the lining. I know that many object to the wearing of fur (I am reminded of such every time I wear fur in public) but I feel vintage fur is a different situation. A vintage fur coat was not made for me, the mink, beaver, or muskrat was not sacrificed for my own fashion desires. Plus, something I often consider, said animals would have passed on their own by now anyway. With vintage fur and clothing we are care takers, seeking to preserve old clothing in the best way, by allowing it to serve its purpose, being worn and thus being appreciated as well crafted garment of the past. Tell me, what jacket from today will still be around and in immaculate condition 60 years from now?
Added to my collection of fabulous fur coats is this little number. With the two tone horizontal fur stripes the jacket reminds me a bit of a bumble bee.

There are no tags inside this jacket, leaving me to believe that it has been relined. The lack of tag prevents me from identifying the age of this jacket although I have been told it is late 40s or early 50s.
The jacket is in excellent condition, no split seams, no rips in the lining, just wonderful! Even though it is only the very end of August, this coat has me wanting snow in the worst way. Winter is my favorite season, for many reasons, but often because the coziest- and sometimes most glamorous- fashions are sensible during said time of year.

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