September here in the Cardboard Sea was empty and entry free, yet September in the sea that is my life was anything but. 
I spent the September exploring the South East, taking pictures where ever I went. So please, while I pull this blog back together, enjoy some of the pictures I took while touring the land of hanging moss and humidity. 

From Savannah and its Cemeteries
Savannah is a beautiful city, so incredibly historic. I wish I had spent more time here.
From Savannah and its Cemeteries
Visited Bonaventure Cemetery, the resting place of Johnny Mercer and many other remarkable people. The most beautiful cemetery I have ever been to. 

From Middleton Place Plantation, Charleston, SC
Charleston is home to many plantations, spent an entire day at the picturesque Middleton Place.

From Grandfather Mountain, NC
From Grandfather Mountain, NC
The mountains of North Carolina provided a break from the heat. Grandfather Mountain would have provided some amazing views had it not been shrouded in a cloud. 

From Reynolds Gardens, Winston Salem, NC
Winston-Salem's Reynolda Gardens was as beautiful and simple as the city itself. 

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