17 Days, 15 hours, 48 minutes until Christmas

Christmas is approaching fast and I've been particularly bad this year, I haven't bought or made anything for anyone yet! This year I am enjoying decorating more than anything. I got out the aluminum tree early, at the request of my mother, so that we could take an "old fashioned" picture for our Christmas cards.
We took about 30 pictures and couldn't agree on any of them. This one is the picture we settled on. Mom thought it'd be fun to have me style both her and dad as to fit some by gone era. Dad looks fantastic with his paper pipe, yes paper, and his lensless horn rimmed glasses. His tie, though you can't quite see it, is from the 1950's- I have a massive tie collection. Mom, who refused to have her hair or make-up done (I'm lucky I even got lipstick on her), is wearing a fur stole, a black 50s cocktail dress of mine and shoes from the 40s that don't appear in this picture. Her hat is one of my favorites, black velvet with amber trim and a black veil, gorgeous! She is also wearing my pearl and rhinestone earrings and pearl necklace. I am wearing a new find, a red dress with buttons down the front and navy ric rac trim around the pockets.

More on my aluminum tree and Christmas decor in future posts.

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