Project: Shiny Brite Wreath

Last Christmas, after finding some very inexpensive vintage ornaments, I made an ornament wreath for my mother. I really didn't give this wreath much thought, bought a wreath form, a couple dozen cheap ornaments, some glue sticks and just randomly attached the ornaments to the wreath. Somehow Mom's wreath turned out well enough to encourage me to make more this year.

Mom's Wreath

Unable to find the type of wreath form that I had used last year at my local craft stores, I resorted to the internet. 3 Ring Circles has different sizes and shapes of mdf wreath forms for very good prices. Despite my luck with these mdf forms, I think I will try to use a styrofoam form in the future as I think it will lend the wreath a fuller appearance.

For this project I am using a 16'' form, larger than that which I used for Mom's wreath. My first step is to attach a sturdy wire through two wholes in the mdf form, making a hanger for the wreath. Next I wrap and hot glue ribbon around the wire so the wreath may hang securely while looking good.
After this initial step, I begin to attach the ornaments. Using wire and my cheap filler ornaments, I secure these ornaments to the wreath by pulling the wire through the ornaments and the holes in the wreath. This will provide a good secure base to glue other ornaments to. The wire can be hidden by other ornaments.
From here I begin to glue other ornaments to these anchor ornaments. I find that a base of plastic ornaments is quite sturdy since the hot glue practically melts them together. I continue to add ornaments, mixing in different size glass and vintage ornaments, until the wreath looks the way I want it. With this wreath I ended up using a large amount of small ornaments to fill spaces. Unfortunately the use of these little ornaments has given the wreath a look that I don't quite care for. Until I get a good system down for making these wreaths, each one will be an adventure and each one will be unique. Even without a good system, these wreaths are fun to make! This wreath is for my grandmother, her birthday is the 12th of December.

Grandma's Wreath

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