Rosie Bunyan

It has been ages (an obvious understatement) since I posted anything under the "what I wore" heading, mostly because I haven't worn much of interest lately and if I have, I haven't taken the time to photograph it. Right now I am working at the family business, a feed mill and farm supply store in wintery Western New York, which requires a rather non-glamorous wardrobe both because of the season and the sort of work I do. Tired of the jeans a sweater uniform that my co-workers and family have adopted for work apparel, I've tried to think outside the box a little. This is what I've come up with:
Simplicity is good. I've lost too many beautiful vintage beaded sweaters and great old pins to a 50 lb. bag of bird seed or a box of dog bones to sacrifice any more good vintage clothing to work. Instead I've opted for flannel shirts, basic cardigans, corduroy or wool pants and sensible shoes. Nothing in this particular outfit is vintage, though a thrift store has helped to duplicate this look for much less. Both the top, a soft flannel, and the pants, a wide wale corduroy, came from Delia's, while the awesome shoes are L.L. Bean's rubber moc, just like my great uncle used to wear.

Looking at this work ensemble I have cobbled together, I am strangely reminded of Paul Bunyan and Rosie the Riveter and thus I have dubbed this look, Rosie Bunyan.

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