Ship Shape

As I mentioned in my last post, my trip to the army navy store yielded a pair of dress blues that I thought fit me perfectly. Unfortunately, when trying on the pants at the store I buttoned them incorrectly and found that they were much to big when I got them home and buttoned them properly. What I had bought was the smallest size I could find, a men's 30 extra long, and my waist is a approximately 25"- no wonder they didn't fit right. I repositioned and removed a few buttons, turned the extra long into short and here is what I came up with.
I love these pants, in fact, I'd rather wear these than any of the other trousers I own. The buttoning is so intense on these pants, it's like having a built in girdle and the lacing on the back allows me to pull the waistline in even more.
For this outfit, I paired my authentic sailor pants with a red blouse from Mrs. Bolton and a white wool/angora blend sweater that I picked up years ago from Salvation Army. I left a little length when I hemmed these pants so that they could be worn with heels but since I wore this outfit to work I wore my Bastad clogs instead. I am looking forward to making many different and more sophisticated looks with these new pants and I'll be sure to look at more pants the next time I venture into Uncle Sam's.

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