Shuffle off to Buffalo

This week I spent my day off venturing into Buffalo for a little shopping, something I rarely do. I started the day off right, wearing one of my favorite and most comfortable outfits. Horizontal black and white striped top, black pencil skirt with pockets, black tights and black heels. As it is still winter here I wore my black Oppenheim Collins coat from Mrs. Bolton, a grey scarf , grey suede gloves and a grey hat which was the subject of a previous "Finds" post.
Todays travels took me to three places in or near Buffalo that I had never been before. My first stop was to an army navy surplus that was absolutely full of treasures. Finally I found a pair of authentic sailor pants that fit me nicely around the waist, very excited about this although I am not so happy with the amount of hemming I will be doing this evening. The staff at Uncle Sam's was very friendly and asked me to pose for their blog in my new Swiss Tunic. Unfortunately their blog post about me was wildly inaccurate but no worries, their blog only has only a few more followers than mine so no one will ever read their rather creative story about me and their merchandise. Uncle Sam's has many locations throughout the continent and also features online shopping. Worth checking out if you are into this sort of thing.

My next stop was to a place that makes the most fabulous chocolate in Buffalo, Choco Logo. The local company combines interesting ingredients with their chocolate such as spices and herbs and often sprinkles large grains of sea salt on top of their chocolates. Choco Logo, while pricey and staffed by rather snooty personnel, is still worth the drive.

My last stop took me beyond the borders of Buffalo and into Tonawanda to Cats Like Us, one of the few retro clothing stores in around. Stocking clothing from great companies such as Bettie Page and Stop Staring, the store is fun to browse. While much of their clothing was not exactly to my taste or in my price range I did come away with the dress below. I am confident that I look better in the dress than the model does and I will be sure to post a photo when I wear the dress so you, dear readers, can decide for yourselves. Like the other two place I visited, Cats Like Us features online shopping on their site.

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